The Dual Faction with spies in every organization, the Ten Thunders continue to work to build a power base beyond the breach to claim the new world as their own.

Themes Edit

The Thunders can be summed up in two words - Oriental Mystery. Their exclusive forces consist of many martial artists and ninja - such as the Orian, Torkage, Ten Thunders Archers and Brothers - while their array of infiltration allows them to branch out into other factions and take their forces with them.

Playstyle Edit

Due to their diversity of forces, having the most dual-faction choices, the Ten Thunders often take their opponents by surprise as its near impossible to predict what they will bring to the table. As such opponents often need to prepare for anything, while the Thunders in turn can be a bit more specific in selection to counter the declare faction.

Beyond that, the Thunders often utilize conditions that are quite unique - such as Lynch's Brilliance or Yan Lo's Chi. Boiled down, the Thunders are a force for players who like an element of secrecy and surprise.

Forces Edit

The majority (almost 75%) of the Thunder's forces are living agents. They have a decent selection of non-creatres, while undead and constructs are somewhat rare.

Masters Edit

Henchmen Edit

  • Ototo
  • Kang
  • Yamaziko
  • Hungering Darkness (Jakob Lynch's totem)
  • Fuhatsu
  • Sensei Yu
  • Sidir Alchibal
  • Toshiro The Daimyo
  • Ama No Zako

Enforcers Edit

  • Chiaki The Niece
  • Izamu The Armor
  • Mr. Graves
  • Mr. Tannen
  • Samurai
  • Yin The Penangalan
  • The Lone Swordsman

Minions Edit

  • Torakage
  • Rail Worker
  • Fermented River Monk
  • The Illuminated
  • Kamaitachi
  • Katanaka Sniper
  • Komainu
  • Dawn Serpent
  • Ten Thunders Brother
  • Thunder Archer
  • Monk of High River
  • Monk of Low River
  • Oiran
  • Wastrel
  • Shadow Effigy
  • Tengu
  • Guild Pathfinder
  • Clockwork Trap

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