The Natives of Malifaux do not meet the human incursion lightly. While they were able to close the Breach once before, it was when the invaders came expecting no resistance. Now confronted with a swarming wave of military force, these Shapeshifters are forced to play a war or attrition - using their ability to change shape to walk among these greedy creatures and strike where able before dissolving back into the shadows.

Themes Edit

The Neverborn are essentially monsters. Their culture is a savage one of sacrifice and blood rituals, forgoing technology in place of advanced use of magic. Their forces are creatures of nightmares - from acid-blooded Nephilim, to shape-shifting Mimics and Woes.

They are not evil per-say. Their ways are different to current human society but would have likely been respected by societies such as the Aztecs. They are defending their lands, their people, and their culture and are naturally aggressive to this disrespectful invaders who are destroying their homes in their greedy conquest to harvest soulstones and raid tomes for treasures and relics.

They once gave mankind a message when they first came - a corpse with the word "ours" carved into it, thrown Earthside just prior the close of the breach - and had hoped it would be enough. It was not, and so their hand has been forced.

Blood will be spilled.

Playstyle Edit

The Neverborn are inevitable the 'glass dagger' faction. While swift, evasive, and capable of dealing impressive damage, they are limited by their fragile bodies, low numbers, and a notable lack of summoning to re-enforce their losses.

To compensate, they fight with cunning and guile, using illusions and ambushes to even the field - unable to afford to merely charge their foes with a direct confrontation. If they can cause enough injury while minimizing their losses, they can control the field - making this appealing to players who idolize tactical plays and unconventional tactics.

Neverborn Chart

Forces Edit

The Neverborn are predominantly a living force who are on par with the Outcastes when it comes to non-creatures. This allows them to often ignore Horror duels and leave little for summoners to use