Once simple creatures, the curiosity of the Gremlins and the arrival of men in their dimension led to their currents state. Like children they attempted to understand the strangers and came to admire them. This in turn took to their imitation and want to be more. They stole the 'boomsticks' and learned how to make their own. They observed 'moonshine' foundries and alchol ran rampant through their kin. Eventually these simple beings craved more, just like the "hoo-muns" they strove to be more like. Now what was once considered a minor pest to the settlers of Malifaux has evolved into a force that needs to be noticed for the threat they pose is quickly becoming all too real.

Themes Edit

The theme of the Gremlin force is essentially that of creative idiocy. They overstuff their firearms with too much gunpowder causing them to explode. They drink themselves into a reckless daze and charge fearlessly at the enemy - ignorant that doing so will hurt them. They launch pigs at their foes via catapults, and often hurt themselves in the process while laughing at their own injuries.

If you enjoy securing a victory regardless of the cost, the Gremlins are the faction for you.

Playstyle Edit

It is unheard of for a Gremlin crew to leave any conflict uninjured because they renown for injuring themselves in any fight they are involved in. The payoff for doing so however is a significant damage output and fairly mobile force- utilizing self harm as a means of motivation to deal incredible amounts of damage. Indeed the Gremlin force can be summized in the old saying "This is going to hurt you a lot more than its going to hurt me!"

Essentially, the Gremlins are the glass-cannon/ swarm faction. They deal incredible damage from multiple cheap minions, giving them great aggressive cover as they complete objectives. They fall easily but their damage output means their enemies typically drop just as fast. Gremlins often do rely on this as well since their self-harm mechanic means they are only at their best in the early game when they have health available to loose. If forced into a war of attritition, its very rare the Gremlins will survive.

If you enjoy dealing tones of damage, are content to loose half your crew in the process of erradicating the enemy, and want to end games fast and early, the Gremlins are the faction for you.
Gremlin Chart

Forces Edit

The bayou is full of life and this is reflected in their forces as typically more than 80% of any Gremlin crew will consist of Living models. The exceptions are their Stuffed Piglets which count as undead, and their Whiskey Golem which is one of their few constructs.