With the Guild locking down Soulstone trade, their power base growing, and the abuse of the law breeding arrogance and tyranical rule, it was only inevitable that rebelion would rise and opposition be formed. The Arcanists (Arcane Anarchists) were the responce. Formed by genius inventor Victor Ramos, this vigilante has recruited numerous allies to his cause to break the shackles of oppression and return power to the people. To the law, they are villians, thieves, terrorists, and illegal magic-users. To the downtrodden they are heroes who bring the return of hope. Weather it survives depends on the outcome of the cat-and-mouse battle taking place in the shadows.

Playstyle Edit

The Anarchists are recognized for having somewhat 'average' leaders with explosive magic power, who in turn are often guarded by decently powered Enforcers. This boss-bodyguard mechanic is quite prevalent in their ranks, making them a slightly more challenging faction to use but very rewarding when mastered.

This faction will appeal to players who enjoy the role of the 'underdog' or 'criminal-with-a-noble-cause', as well as anyone who loves to utilize magic over mundane means. Elemental forces are abound in this faction, utilizing lightning, ice, fire, illusions, and even raw unarmed brute force to remove their foes.

Forces Edit

Arcanist Chart

The anarchists typically consist of almost a 50-50 of living and construct forces with a lean towards the living.